Free Wi-Fi at Wendy’s thanks to Boingo Wireless

Wi-FiBoingo Wireless has teamed up with fast food chain Wendy’s to offer free Wi-Fi connectivity at all of their company-owned stores, but if your neighborhood’s Wendy’s does not have Wi-Fi, then chances are pretty good it will be part of the Wendy’s franchise community who refused the uptake. Hopefully Boingo Wireless will be able to do a good job in managing and operating Wi-Fi services at participating Wendy’s company restaurants that are scattered all over the US as well as Canada. Boingo’s operation of the complimentary Wi-Fi services will also include the installation and maintainance of networks, in addition to offering Wendy’s-branded customer support.

“Our partnership with Wendy’s is a significant milestone in our ongoing expansion into high-traffic consumer venues. Boingo has more than a decade of experience in enhancing the guest experience via our Wi-Fi, and in increasing customer engagement through collaborative marketing programs. We look forward to rolling out service to Wendy’s restaurants,” says Peter Hultgren, vice president of business development, Boingo Wireless.

It is about time that more and more public areas offer free Wi-Fi – I personally have no idea why budget motels and backpackers’ inns offer free Wi-Fi, while posh hotels tend to charge you extra for Wi-Fi connectivity. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? At least the next time you want a Frosty, you can also surf the Internet on your smartphone or notebook without having to make use of your data plan.

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