So you are stuck with playing games like Dead Trigger because it is free on your Android-powered device simply because you flat out refuse to fork out $250 for the PS Vita from Sony, or perhaps slightly less coin for Nintendo’s 3DS? Here we are with a glimpse of hope and salvation for the miserly – the GameKlip accessory which will work to your current Android-powered smartphone, turning it into a pseudo portable gaming machine to boot. No idea on whether this will offer a better control scheme compared to the PS Vita as there is still the touchscreen controls to work through, but at least you have an option here.

The GameKlip will come in a range of custom sizes to cater for the myriad of devices from Samsung and HTC, and you can also choose from wireless and wired versions, with the latter hooking up to your handset via USB. Bear in mind that the wireless version will require you to root your Android-powered smartphone, something that not everyone might be wont to do. Interestingly enough, the wireless version costs $15 while the wired version is more expensive at $23.

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