Basic hygiene is important at hospitals, and all doctors are required to scrub down right before they perform an operation so that there is no chance of infecting the patient during the course of the operation. The Hyginex wristband ensures that forgetfulness is not part of the problem, where this new system will help alert medical professionals if they have yet to scrub down. Israel-developed Hyginex is an integrated soap-dispensing-and-wristband-alert system, and this is how it works.

Whenever a doctor approaches a new patient, there will be a nearby unit that senses his or her presence, followed by sending out a signal that will set off an LED light first, followed by a vibration in the bracelet. The band also informs other workers in the vicinity if they have yet to wash thoroughly enough, as the dispenser is smart enough to keep track of just how much liquid was used, while motion sensors know how long your hands have been scrubbing and rubbing together.

Initial trials have proved to yield some rather positive results, seeing compliance rates rise from 25% to 44% after the introduction of the Hyginex system.

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