Leese Design custom embroidered iPhone casings are pretty uniqueWith so many iPhone cases out there, it’s hard to find a case that’s unique and there’s bound to be a time when you meet someone with the exact same casing as you. If you’d like a casing that’s pretty much guaranteed to be unique, then the Leese Design’s DIY Stipin case might be worth checking out. As you might have already surmised in the photo above, this particular casing features a sewn design on its back which will let users cross-stitch their own designs if they wish. However for those who might not be as creative or who might not be so nimble with the needle, Leese Design has pattern guides available that they can follow to come up with premade designs. These casings are priced at ₩48,000 which translates to about $42 per case, although the more plain designs are cheaper. If you’d like to browse the other designs and accessories, or perhaps order one of the DIY Stipin cases for yourself, head on over to Leese Design’s website for the details.

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