Having smelly and damp armpits are something that most people do find troublesome, which explains the deodorant business which is absolutely booming. For those who tend to sweat around the ‘pits easily, here is a new procedure known as miraDry which intends to keep your armpit’s sweat glands nice and quiet using of all things, a dose of microwave energy. Just how does the work? It will zap your armpits with microwave energy, where it is touted to kill off anywhere from 22,000 to 30,000 sweat glands in the area of concentration, hence reducing the amount of sweating by an average of 82%.

It was shown in a recent study that this procedure is effective in approximately 90% of patients, with the effect lasting for a year at the bare minimum. It will require a couple of sessions for the procedure to run the full course, and apart from evaporating sweat glands in your armpits, it will also burn up $3,000 in your bank account as well.

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