At the moment apart from the design and some of the games we can expect for the Nintendo Wii U, details such as availability and pricing still remain to be seen or heard. Not too long ago we reported that thanks to Amazon, images of what appeared to be box art for Wii U games were revealed. At that time it was hard to say if they were merely mockups or the real thing, but in case you’re wondering, they are the real thing. This was confirmed by Nintendo who released a statement saying, “Nintendo has finalised the design of the Wii U game box art, and many of our publishing partners have already incorporated it into their own game packaging. We are seeing those game packages online as retailers are starting to showcase their games.” This might not really be a big deal for some, but will probably interest those who are looking forward to the console and want as much news and confirmation as possible. As it stands release date and pricing is unknown, but check back with us in the future for more updates!

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