The Safety Pen might not be new, as it was thought up of last year, but then again, we are not going to argue with a $1 marker pen that was specially designed to be able to administer up to 400 prenatal disease tests thanks to the reagent within. Sean Monagle, a graduate student at the John Hopkins University’s Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design, alongside with his engineering classmates Maxim Budyansky, Sherri Hall, Matthew Means, Shishira Nagesh Mary O’Grady, Peter Truskey and James Waring, have come up with this particular marker pen which is capable of identifying prenatal diseases at the early stages in an accurate manner without costing a bomb, potentially able to save many lives across different continents.

This group who are out to change the world with their invention intend to manufacture color-coded kits which are capable of screening several conditions, ranging from diabetes to urinary tract infections as well. They have given themselves a three year timeframe in order to see through to the Safety Pen’s roll out, targeting a $20,000 cost along the way.

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