The SDUST Baby robot is the brainchild of the Shandong University of Science and Technology (SDUST), where the latter recently celebrated their 60th anniversary sometime late last year, ushering in the SDUST Baby robot at the same time then. This particular robot is not quite a baby in terms of its proportions, considering how it stands at approximately 170cm tall. It took four professors and eight students slightly less than half a year in order to build the SDUST Baby robot, where a LCD display is used as its “face” so that it can convey a sense of emotion to the masses, ranging from facial expressions like laughing to crying and pouting, among others.

As for movement, it will come with 1 degree of freedom in its neck, 1 in its waist, and 4 per arm. A head-mounted camera functions well to deliver decent face recognition capability, and I am proud to say that it comes with some degree of speech recognition and synthesis to boot. Feed it the right data (people’s mugshots), and it can even call out the person’s name when they meet metal-to-flesh.

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