With sustainability and clean energy being the buzzwords these days, we guess we aren’t surprised to see that more motor vehicle manufacturers are starting to turn towards alternative forms of energy to power their vehicles. We’ve seen hybrids which uses a combination of electric and fuel motors, electric vehicles which run on electricity alone, and even solar-powered vehicles that use the energy harnessed from the sun to power themselves. Now it seems that Indian auto company Tata Motors has revealed their attempts at a clean energy vehicle by utilizing MDI’s AirPod technology.

This technology was worked on by MDI back in 2007, although its technology was then licensed to Tata and it was only recently that the engine was successfully tested on two Tata cars. For those wondering what the AirPod is, it’s basically a prototype car that utilizes compressed air to power itself. It has the capability of driving at speeds between 45-70kmph. The air used to power the engine can either be pumped in via a charging station, or taken in while driving with the help of an electric motor. It sounds like a good idea but don’t expect to see it on the roads anytime soon as development is expected to be made “over the coming years”. In any case we guess it’s good to see that some progress has been made, but what do you guys think? Will this prove to be a better solution versus electric vehicles?

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