We reported earlier about Acer’s leaked roadmap which divulged the prices of its upcoming Windows 8 tablets. We were able to have a fair estimate of the prices we may see on the Asus Vivo Tab RT, Vivo Tab and Taichi tablets. However, these prices weren’t the official word and Acer hasn’t confirmed them yet.

What Acer has confirmed, however, is the prices of two of its Iconia Windows 8 tablets. While mum is the word for the company in the rest of the world, it has quietly released the prices in New Zealand. That may give us an idea of what we may expect for the prices of Iconia tablets to be  in other countries.

The official price for Iconic Tab W510 starts at $999(New Zealand dollars) which roughly translates to US $712. W510 comes with a dual-core Intel Atom chip and the basic has 64 GB of storage. This puts it price pretty close to that of Asus Vivo Tab, which the leak shows to carry a price tag of $799.

Acer has also revealed the price of its top-end Iconia W700 tablet which packs a 1.7GHz  i5 processor and an 11.6-inch display. It comes with a price of NZ $1799, which translates to US $1299. The prices offered for the tablets may be slightly different from the exact conversion rates yet they wouldn’t be too far off.

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