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Microsoft Ends Mainstream Support For Windows 8.1
With Windows 10 clearly being Microsoft’s focus at the moment, it isn’t surprising that the Redmond company is slowly reducing their focus and efforts on older versions of Windows. Unfortunately for those who have yet to make the upgrade and might still be using Windows 8.1, it seems that you guys are pretty much on your own now.

Microsoft To End Windows 8 Security Updates January 12
As you might have heard, in January of last year, Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7. Now if you have long upgraded to Windows 8, the bad news is that your time has come. Just to remind you guys, Windows 8’s security updates will be coming to an end on the 12th of January, 2016.Now you might be wondering, isn’t Windows 8 still “new”? After all it was released […]

Microsoft Update Disables SafeDisc, Breaks Some Old Games
If you have some old games lying around in disc format that maybe you’d like to play again in the future, there is a chance that you might not be able to, especially if you’re running a Windows 7, 8, or Vista computer. Why is this? Apparently this is thanks to Microsoft issuing an update for Windows that disables SafeDisc.We’re sure some of you guys might be wondering what is […]

ComiXology To Retire Windows 8 App
The comiXology app used to be a pretty big one on mobile devices as it allowed users to purchase comics online and read it on their phones or tablets. There was even a Windows 8 version of the app, but as it turns out it looks like Amazon (who acquired the company) has decided to retire the Windows 8 app.According to the company, apparently this decision was made as they […]


ATM Industry To Skip Windows 8, Will Wait For Windows 10
Last year Microsoft officially ended their support for Windows XP. What this meant is that if you didn’t already upgrade to Windows 7 or 8, you wouldn’t get anymore support from Microsoft. This might not be a big deal for regular users, but for corporations that have systems relying on Windows XP, this could be trouble which is something many banks faced.If you recall, many banks had ATMs that still […]

Duet Display Turns Your iPad Into A Secondary Display For Your PC
With the Retina display on the iPads, it would be reasonable to think that they would make for great monitors, or at least a secondary one, especially if you’re on the road and packing a monitor with you is pretty much out of the question. There are apps out there such as Duet Display that can turn your iPad into a second monitor, and the good news is that it’s […]

How To Start Windows Safe Mode (XP, Win 7, Win 8)
For Troubleshooting problems, Windows Safe mode is quite essential. Although, most of the problems can easily be solved in normal mode, but still there are some sticky ones that won’t go away that easily.In safe mode, minimum programs and drivers are started, which makes it easier to access your system without any bad programs getting in your way (in most cases). Note that we have a different tutorial for booting […]

Toshiba Encore 2 Write: A Fine Windows Tablet
In 2015, Toshiba is presenting its new generation of Windows Tablets. The Toshiba Encore exists in both 10.1” and 8” and comes with a nice touch screen display which is backed by a Wacom digitizer capable of sensing 2048 levels of pressure. This is high-end stuff in the tablet world.Encore 2 is designed around an Intel ATOM processor and 2GB of RAM. There is 64 GB of internal storage for […]

Windows 8/8.1 Finally Takes 15% Of The Market
It is no secret that Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 have had a hard time in the market. Their predecessor, Windows 7, boasted a strong adoption rate not long after it was released but sadly that hasn’t been the case with these two iterations of Microsoft’s operating system. A bump in performance was seen last month though which has enabled Windows 8/8.1 to now account for 15 percent of the […]

Steam: Windows 8/8.1 Gamers On The Rise, Windows 7 Continues To Lead
According to the recent numbers released by Net Applications, it was revealed that Windows 7 remains the dominant operating system. In fact their numbers has shown that Windows 7 has actually increased in market share by a bit. While Net Applications tracks based on web traffic, Valve’s Steam platform tracks via video games, so how do the numbers match up?Well according to Steam’s numbers, Windows 7 also remains the dominant […]

Net Applications: Windows 7's Market Share Continues To Dominate
Windows 8.1 is the latest version of the Windows platform at the moment. However come 2015, Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 10, but in the meantime how are Microsoft’s other builds doing? It seems that according to the latest figures by Net Applications, it turns out that despite Windows 8.1 being the latest version, the majority of Windows users are still running Windows 7.As you can see in the […]

Notion Ink Cain Revealed On The Quiet
All parents have great hopes for their children, wondering just where all of that potential is going to go to. However, there are times when potential is “wasted” or gone unfulfilled, leaving the set of parents disappointed. I suppose Notion Ink here would play the role of the parent, what with their previous tablet attempts in the form of the Notion Ink Adam as well as the Notion Ink Adam […]

Solved: How To Install .NET 3.5 On Windows 8
If you are reading this page, chances are that you have been trying to run an application that is asking to have .NET 3.5 or older, going back to 2.0. The good news is that .NET 3.5 (what is .NET by the way?) can handle all prior .NET versions, so you only need to install it once. The bad news is that the installation will sometimes fail and while the […]

StatCounter: Windows 8's Market Share Finally Surpasses Windows XP
It seems like a coincidence but with every other version of Windows Microsoft has released, it has proven to be a bigger hit than its successor. For example Windows XP was a hit, but Windows Vista was not. Windows 7 was a hit and Windows 8 is still struggling to be adopted. In fact it seems that some OEMs claim that Windows 7 makes it easier to sell products compared […]

VLC For Windows Phone, Windows 8.1 Delayed
According to various reports in the past as well as hints by the developer, it was suggested that VLC for Windows Phone is pretty close to seeing a release. In fact the reports had stated that the app for Windows Phone could be released this month, but unfortunately till now we have yet to see the app making its way to Windows Phone handsets.Well as it turns out the app […]

HP Continues Promoting Windows 7 Over Windows 8
While Windows 8 might be the latest operating system from Microsoft, it seems that the Redmond company is having a hard time trying to convince its OEM partners to promote and use the operating system. In fact it seems in HP’s latest round of advertising and promotions, the company has focused on Windows 7, instead of Windows 8.HP recently sent out emails to its customers where they are boasting about […]

Hearthstone Update Adds Official Support For Windows 8 Touch Devices
Hearthstone is Blizzard’s latest game and it borrows characters and some lore from their Warcraft franchise. For those unfamiliar, it is a card-based game where gamers can build decks and face off against other gamers, just like Magic: The Gathering and the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.Now Hearthstone is available on a bunch of different platforms, like the iPad and desktop, but the good news is that if you’re […]

Cortana Will Eventually Arrive On Windows And Xbox [Rumor]
So a couple of months ago at their BUILD 2014 conference, Microsoft announced their voice assistant program, Cortana. As you might have realized by now, Cortana is only available on the Windows Phone platform, although job listings last month seems to suggest that a launch on Windows might not be a stretch of the imagination.This seems to have been confirmed by an alleged Microsoft employee going by the handle Talderon […]

Microsoft Strikes Back At China Concerning Windows 8
Microsoft is not too pleased to hear that China claims Windows 8 is being used to monitor users, and the software giant has taken to Weibo (which happens to be China’s version of Twitter, so to speak) in order to stake claims that such allegations are baseless and have no strong leg to stand upon. Apparently, it all began with China requesting Microsoft to increase the support for Windows XP, […]

China Criticizes Windows 8, Claims It Will Be Used To Monitor Users
China is a country known for their heavy censorship on the internet and have gone to great lengths to try and limit the scope of foreign internet websites and services that can be accessed within the country. This has resulted in China creating local versions of popular internet services, like Youku, Weibo, Alibaba, and so on.Now previously China had stated that they would be banning the installation of Windows 8 […]