The brain is one muscle that still holds plenty of mysteries for the medical world, as there is still so much more to discover about it. Brain injuries can be difficult to heal, while some diseases that strike the brain, too, have yet to see a cure coming. Having said that, researchers might have something in their bags that could be a major step in recovering specific brain functions in sufferers of brain disease and injuries after managing to restore the decision-making processes in monkeys successfully through an implant.

This particular prosthetic device is said to be able to restore the decision-making process in people who actually have reduced capacity because of brain disease or injury, assuming the model used in monkey trials were to be developed further. It does lead to one interesting question – does this mean that a mind control device is not too far off in the future? Now that would definitely be a scary thought, don’t you think so? On the other hand, I sure hope that such a device will also be able to help motivate me to do certain chores that I know need doing, but have always procrastinated such as ironing the pile of clothes in the basement.

Either way, it is all serious business here with the brain implant, so do not expect any monkeying around.

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