Nobody likes to encounter a flat tire, even more so when you are in a hurry to get to your destination. Well, run-flat tires have been around for some years already, although those are expensive and tend to be found in more expensive vehicles, but Goodyear has just debuted their Air Maintenance Technology in Germany which was specially designed to ensure your tires remain inflated at the optimum pressure all the time.


The Air Maintenance Technology (AMT) system will be able to automatically ensure your four tires remain inflated to the optimum pressure, and this is achieved without requiring any external pumps or electronics. In fact, the entire system’s components will be contained within the tire itself. Right smack at the system’s heart lies an internal regulator which is capable of detect whenever the air pressure drops below a pre-specified psi, where it will then open up to allow air from outside the tire to be sent into the pumping tube. Air will then be pushed through this tube to the inlet valve, which ensures optimal pressure is maintained.

Right now, Goodyear will target their AMT system at commercial vehicle fleet operators, although we should be able to see glimpses of it appear on everyday sedans in due time. [Press Release]

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