I guess you could say that the recently concluded IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany, did have its fair share of quirky booths. We have all heard about booth babes who are scantily clad, but how about one who prances around in a towel? That would be an unorthodox view, but the $20 Kanguru Smartowel model you see above has a point to make. Basically, this towel does not only keep you dry and prevent your modesty from being shown to the world, it also can be worn in different ways, like a toga for a guy and a tunic if you happen to have a pair of X chromosomes.

Within the front fold of either the red or blue colors, the Kanguru Smartowel gains its “brains” by virtue of a pocket where you can stash away your smartphone or other equally small piece of consumer electronics. Hmmm, I guess this is another name for a bathrobe with pockets, making this a dead end for technological innovation when it comes to clothes.

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