A few days ago, we did touch on Nokia issuing an apology to the masses for the confusion that arose from their recently announced Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone’s PureView trailer, and it seems that an ethics officer will be holding a review into why Nokia went ahead to publish such misleading marketing materials. It is said that this particular ethics and compliance officer will be working on an independent report “to understand what happened.”

While the Lumia 920 was impressive in its own right, this particular faux pas could not come at a worse time, considering how Nokia is struggling with their handset business, and it does not make too much sense to “bet” on a misleading information campaign on something so huge like their flagship device.

According to Richard Windsor, a global technology specialist at Nomura International Plc in Dubai, “It doesn’t look great. The “marketing mishap” may dent sentiment toward Nokia shares, yet Lumia sales will probably be unaffected.” What do you think the outcome of this internal review will be, and will any action be taken?

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