Not everyone is able to afford a bidet attached to the porcelain throne, as there are far more economical ways of washing up after you are done with your toilet business, including using the humble rubber hose. The thing is, if you grew up using a bidet your entire life, it must be rather uncomfortable for you when you travel to other places that lack such a facility in their washrooms.

Just like how the landline has evolved to the modern day smartphone, so too, must change be introduced in the world of bidets. Panasonic Japan has introduced their Portable Bidet De Toilette model DL-P200 which will come in half a dozen fashionable colors, and is small enough to be carried around in your hand or hide in your purse while being discreet about it.

Measuring around 15cm in length, that measurement will not include the retractable and flexible water spray arm. It is perfect for places and situations that do not come with a washlet, as well as when you go camping and do not have a proper toilet to go. Young parents with infants will also find it useful especially when you need to change to a fresh pair of diapers from a soiled one to keep your little one happy. It runs off a couple of AA batteries and holds around 220ml of water.

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