Hmmm, while we have custom rides and at a point in time, Swarovski-studded handsets, here we are with word that you can even help turn your dSLR into an object of desire, thanks to the efforts by the folks over at Rudiger Maerz GmbH. They are capable of turning your faithful shooter into a one-of-a-kind camera, complete with specific features that will be able to cater to your very own whim and fancy. Relying on a similar airbrush technique that is used by the automotive industry, where your entire dSLR will be disassembled, and each part will be coated individually.


Most of the time, however, inscriptions and buttons will be kept intact, allowing you to be able to find your way around when fiddling with the camera settings. Of course, another interesting aspect of this dSLR customization service would be the ability to be able to pick from various lens mounts. Heck, if you are adventurous enough, you can even choose to do away with your dSLR’s whole shutter mechanism, now how about that?

The minimum waiting time as it stands currently would be four weeks at the very minimum, depending on the amount of customization as well as camera model. Not only that, it will cost a rather hefty 500 to 700 euros to modify an entry-level or midrange dSLR.

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