The world does seem as though it is getting more and more lawless these days, but here is a development which could help stem the tide against anarchy and intrusion. After all, isn’t a man’s home supposed to be his castle – safe and secure? The smart fabric that you see on the right will incorporate conductive threads and a processor module which delivers protection against intrusion and theft. This new anti-theft system will trigger an alarm whenever it is penetrated by intruders, allowing security teams to identify the exact location of the break-in, not to mention being far more affordable than other burglary detection systems in the market at the moment.

You could say that this is an invisible way of protecting whole buildings, much to the thieves’ chagrin, of course. It looks like any other cloth, but will actually hold a fine web of conductive threads that are hooked up to a microcontroller which is capable of emitting warning signals whenever the fabric is cut in order to trigger an alarm.

It is also a rather tough piece of cookie, having survived tumbling around in a washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius, while being exposed to the elements for 1,000 hours at a relative humidity of 85% and a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius without missing a beat. Not only that, it was also thrown into a furnace where it was subjected to 1,000 temperature cycles ranging from minus 40 to plus 85 degrees Celsius. All the punishment mentioned, and the team behind this smart fabric claimed that it “didn’t fail once.”

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