Folding bicycles are a cool thing to have, except that they often run into troubles. Rather than providing the convenience of mobility and portability, they often tend to be hard to fold away yet at the same time, come with the trade-offs of little on-road use.

Simon Hukaya, a Budapest-based designer has now come up with the idea of a folding bicycle that is not only extremely easy to fold and unfold but can also be used for actual, hard-core biking.

Called Space folding bicycle, the vehicle is a concept for now. Hukaya envisions it to be a bike with 20-inch wheels and fitted with a special threaded rotation point. When you press a button, the rotation point first ‘unravels’ the bike out of its real structure and then brings the two wheels together, side by side.

This neatly folds the bike into a small, portable piece of hardware. Once folded, the bike measures a mere  91 x 68 x 47 cm. Moreover, once it has been folded, you can hold it by the handle with one hand and pull it along, on its wheels, rotating side by side. For those who often have to commute and yet need a ride for the last mile or few miles, Space can prove very useful. However, we will still have to wait for the concept to turn into a real product.

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