While smoke detectors for some of us are nuisances when trying to cook, its purpose is to detect smoke and alert people in the house/area to it. Unfortunately in some situations, a fire could have already been building in a room a few doors away and by the time we have been alerted to it, the smoke could be very thick, thus making it hard for us to breathe. Called the TaG (Take and Go) mask, this is a smoke detector concept designed by Germain Verbrackel and it combines a smoke detector with a mask that will help us breathe even when the smoke is engulfing us. As you can see in the rendering, it has been shaped like a mask and even comes built with a sonorous locator and flashing LED lights that will also help rescuers locate those who might have passed out. Pretty nifty, huh? Unfortunately it appears to be a concept for now, but we think it’s a great idea and should be put into production!

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