LTE-equipped tablets have been around for a while. The feature of 4G connectivity is kind of becoming inevitable for the current crop of tablets, given the consumer’s needs to engage with high-speed connectivity and the consequent high demand for it.

Asus hasn’t been much behind and has now launched its own quad-core LTE equipped tablet, Transformer Pad TF300TL. Given the fact that the specifications of TF300TL are more or less the same as the Asus Transformer Pad TF300, we can safely say that the new slate is essentially a 4G-LTE version of the latter. We recommended TF300 for those looking to do some serious computing and would suggest the same about TF300TL.

The tablet packs Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor and a 12-core GeForce GPU rendering it a fairly handful power-punch. The display, which is a 10.1″ WXGA, can seamlessly play full 1080p full HD video while Asus promises a great gaming experience on the tablet.

TF300TL features an 8mp rear camera as well as a 1.2mp front camera. The rear camera is equipped with a 5-element lens which enables it to capture 1080p HD video. Asus is currently offering the tablet in two variations, 16GB and 32GB. The battery life clocks at 9 hours, which is not bad for an LTE-capable tablet.

With the ‘suggested’ retail pricing of the tablet starting at $499 (for the 16GB model), Asus has launched it with AT&T data plans. The pricing and availability of the tablet may vary across different regions. You can also fit it up with a separate mobile dock which comes at $149 and adds three additional hours of battery to the tablet.

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