Popcorns are a healthy as well as fun food. They are a must-have when watching movies, lounging in front of the TV or simply trying to while away a slow day. However, the part which is not so much fun is to have to dig into the popcorns every now and then.

To tackle this problem, Popcorn Indiana has come up with a very novel solution. It has created a kernel cannon which shoots popcorn kernels right at you. The most intriguing part of this cannon called ‘Popinator’ is that it is activated through voice.

You simply have to say the word ‘Pop.’ The cannon will not only discern the direction of your voice but also that how far away you are. And then, it will shoot the kernel accordingly. Of course it is not 100% accurate given the fact that it is pretty impossible for it exactly predict the trajectory of the light-weight kernels.

But still, it is fairly able to meet its mark, at least as demoed in the video. The cannon comes with a set of binaural microphones which are able to capture your voice and then process the required information, such as direction and distance. The shooter may not be totally accurate but then again, its always fun to try and catch the popcorns.

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