Being a police is not an easy job, especially when the crime rate around you is soaring and your department does not have the budget to go up against the bad guys. Well, perhaps your head of department might want to check out what AeroVironment has in store for the force, rolling out small surveillance drones which are tiny enough to fit in a police cruiser’s trunk. These tiny, unmanned military drones could help local police officials in surveillance work, tipping the scales at just five pounds while measuring three feet in length. Not only that, it is full well capable of taking to the skies and flying as high as 500 feet, having enough juice to remain airborne for up to 40 minutes.

Also known as the Qube, it was specially designed to be a low-cost, reusable craft for surveillance during a police action. It would be interesting to see movie producers or TV series’ make use of the Qube in one of their films or episodes.

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