When it comes to the battle of the bulge, there is a major front to fight on in the coming months – the Christmas season, where it is a free-for-all situation as you visit friends and host parties, seeing those valuable gym visits whittle away while you gorge on a seemingly endless supply of food. That gym membership is about as worthless as Japanese currency from World War 2, so you might want to enlist some outside help. Enter the Autom robot, a robot that comes with human-like expressions while helping you track your weight loss efforts.


The Autom robot is the creation of Intuitive Automata, where this social robot will carry out daily conversations with users at home. Autom will be able to track the amount of calories, share with you motivational thoughts and sayings, while updating you on the most recent weight loss trends and shares personalized suggestions. You can only let Autom help you if you’re completely honest with the answers to the questions she “asks” you over the touchscreen display. No idea on whether you will develop an emotional bond with Autom in the long run though, although if you do, the chances of success in slimming down will definitely be far higher.

Right now, Autom knows the calorie count in nearly 75,000 foods, and these include meals at popular restaurants. The first of Autom robots will ship early next year, costing $199 a pop with a $19.99 monthly subscription.

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