Not everyone is able to hold their drink, but if having a nightcap in the form of gin is your choice of poison each day before you wind down for the evening, then you might want to check out the latest happenings surrounding Bombay Sapphire. Design consultancy Webb deVlam and packaging manufacturer Karl Knauer have joined forces to come up with what they call a special Global Travel Retail pack, sporting an illustration by Yehrin Tong which is not static, but rather, it will light up whenever someone reaches out to touch it. I suppose the premise is simple – your body will act as a conduit for the electricity, completing the circuit so that the illustration lights up when touched.

According to Design Week, the illustration itself was produced in electroluminescent ink, while there is a hidden battery that is located somewhere at the bottom of the packaging. Each time you pick it up off the shelf, there is a mechanical switch stashed somewhere which triggers the electric current. This will take different paths at different times, resulting in a visual effect that lasts for 18 seconds.

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