What you see above is something special, where it is known as the Bye Bye Laundry hanger that carry specialized charcoal within the capsule. This specialized charcoal has just one main purpose for its existence, that is, to air out clothes which might need a freshen-up instead of a full wash. Not only does this help you save time as there is no need to do any laundry, it is even better for the environment since you will get to save on water, power and soap. The Bye Bye Laundry loop-shaped hanger will boast of a filtered glass chamber located at the top, where the special charcoal pellets within have been processed with oxygen, allowing it to function as an extremely powerful and effective odor eliminator for any clothes resting on it.

Still, don’t expect the Bye Bye Laundry hanger to do wonders when it comes to your curry-stained dress or shirt. It is just meant to absorb smells, as well as air out work-related attire such as a blazer or jacket. Designed by British designer Lisa Marie Bengtsson, we do wonder just when will such a concept become reality.

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