We have seen our fair share of robots in the past, whether they serve alongside soldiers on the battlefield or perform deep sea operations, these are machines that help make our lives a whole lot easier. When it comes to underwater robots however, there is one thing that needs to be taken into consideration – powering them, and making sure they are able to surface in time before they run out of juice. Well, it seems that deep sea stations could eventually be modified to function as a recharge point for underwater robots.

After all, most of these underwater robots have a typical run time of approximately 24 hours thereabouts, and hence this has limited their use somewhat whenever they go “sightseeing” in the domain of Poseidon. Perhaps using deep sea stations as a pit stop of sorts could make sure these robots get more work done underwater instead of making their way to the surface to “refill” their batteries, so to speak. What do you think of this idea? The thing is, repairing such underwater stations could be tricky, and having a repair robot handy makes a whole lot of sense.

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