So you’re watching a game in the stadium live – it’s filled with the sound of fans cheering, the opposition booing and it’s the most exciting game you’ve ever seen. At the same time you think that this experience could be enhanced further if you had a nice cold beer, but getting up to go buy one means possibly missing out on several minutes of the game. Well the good news for Australians is that the Etihad Stadium will be trialing a new service in which spectators at the stadium can order a beer from their seats and have it delivered to them, thus ensuring that they’ll never miss a minute of the game.

This is done via an app called QkR that lets spectators browse a menu filled with food and drink. Once an order has been placed, the user can then pay for it via credit card. We’re pretty sure that this isn’t a brand new concept, but as far as Australians are concerned, this is a new one for them. In any case this service is being trialed tonight during a soccer match between Melbourne Victory and Adelaide United where 1,000 fans will be given the chance to try this new system out. Needless to say if successful, it will be rolled out stadium wide. If any of our Australian readers get to try this out, let us know in the comments about your experience with it!

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