Usually when it comes to adding new content, especially major ones, to MMORPGs, developers release huge patches. Then there are also smaller patches which are released regularly which address bugs and various issues plaguing the game. Perhaps in an effort to keep the game dynamic and adding new, but not always major content, Blizzard has revealed their plans to make World of Warcraft updates more frequent, and smaller. This was confirmed by Blizzard’s J. Allen Brack in an interview with RPS.

“We’re trying to make smaller patches and larger patches. We’re still going to have patches that are the giant raid tiers. We’re still going to have patches that are going to be what people traditionally think of as a WoW patch. But we’re also going to have very small patches that just have a few scenarios, maybe a movie or two that are little vignettes, and a round of daily quests.”

World of Warcraft has been facing a decline in subscribers recently, although given that the game has been around for many years and with all the different new ones popping up, we guess we can’t blame gamers for looking for the next new thing. Will this new “policy” help make the game more interesting? We guess we will have to wait and see.

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