malwarealertEfficient Germany might have run into a hiccup – especially after the government allegedly let it be known (by accident, of course), that the police in Germany did state that they perform monitoring duties on Skype, Google Mail, MSN Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Facebook chat should the need arise. This raises a whole lot of ethical and privacy questions. Just how do the German police get around snooping on what their targets communicate over the mentioned email services as well as VoIP programs? Well, snooping malware is the answer of the day.

I guess when it comes to the collective safety of the whole nation being at stake, some actions are justified by select parties, although not everyone is going to agree to it. If you do not want to be snooped on, use a more traditional method of communicating then, what say you? This is also a good reminder that we can always do our part to encrypt communication channels whenever possible, and avoiding those that cannot be encrypted. You should not get hauled up to the local station by posting more cat videos though.

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