We get that not everyone is good at gaming or certain games, and it can be a frustrating experience to play a game in which you find yourself losing the majority of the time. As such, it’s not surprising to find that people are always on the lookout for cheats/hacks that will give them an edge in the game.

Such is the case with Valorant, where according to a report from Bleeping Computer, it appears that attackers are taking advantage of gamers looking for Valorant hacks to hide malware in the description of their YouTube videos. These videos were created to advertise so-called aimbot cheats where there is a link in the description that will supposedly let gamers download the cheats themselves.

However, instead it seems that these links actually end up downloading the Redline malware which will be installed on the computers of users who run the executable file. For those unfamiliar, Redline is one of the more popular malware around when it comes to stealing passwords and credit card information found in browsers.

It can also access cryptocurrency wallets and also your computer and steal information like usernames, IP addresses, and so on. While YouTube does have certain review guidelines in place, it appears that they’re pretty easy to bypass so the next time you see a link in a YouTube description, do be careful, especially if it involves you having to download an executable file.

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