If you’re a guy who has plenty of testosterone at your disposal, chances are you would definitely fall in love with the Gibbs Quadski amphibious ATV, as it actually gives you a 2-in-1 solution of an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) as well as a jet ski. Needless to say, it took the expertise of a company like Gibbs, who did create the Aquada amphibious car after all, to sell the Quadski amphibious ATV. It will not come cheap though as we are looking at a sticker price tag of $40,000, but don’t expect it to perform as well as a car as that would be comparing apples and oranges.

Capable of traveling 45 mph on land, you can ride straight into the water, where it takes all of just 5 seconds to convert into a boat as its wheels fold up out of the way, retaining your 45 mph speed as you cut through the water, too. A 175 hp BMW engine runs underneath the hood on land and on water, and filling up the 15-gallon fuel tank should not hurt your wallet too much as gas prices drop from their recent highs.

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