Biking or driving a motorcycle is not a dangerous activity, per se. However, it depends on the way you tool these vehicles and also on the other people on the road when you are driving. For instance, an innocent turn on the road may bump you right into a car wrongly parked and you may land on the road.

To tackle such untoward incidents during sports or on road, ICEdot crash sensor comes in quite handy. It is a small sensor which can easily stick to you helmet and in the event of a crash, it discerns that an impact has happened and automatically notifies your emergency contacts.

The sensor connects up with your smartphone through Bluetooth and then notifies your emergency contacts after a crash. Of course, a crash may not always be very serious and that is why, the sensor triggers the alarm after a certain amount of time. During this time, you can turn off the sensor and thus stop it from sending a text to your contacts. In the unfortunate event of a serious crash where you are unable to turn it off within the set time, your contacts are notified which may bring in much-needed help.

Currently, the ICEdot helmet sensor is a project looking for fund crowdsourcing to turn the idea into a commercial enterprise. The project has been launched on Indiegogo for a price of $150.

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