Earlier this year when Apple unveiled the third-gen iPad, Epic Games also introduced the Infinity Blade spin-off, Infinity Blade: Dungeons which was basically a Diablo/Torchlight version of the game. It looked pretty good and seemed fun enough, but unfortunately the game has yet to see the light of day. Many had assumed that the game would be demonstrated and revealed at the same time when Apple announced the iPhone 5, but unfortunately that was not the case. After speaking to the folks at AllThingsD, Epic Games’ spokesman Wes Phillips revealed that the game would not be shipping this year. In fact gamers should not expect to see the game hit the App Store until 2013 at the earliest.

Unfortunately no specific date in 2013 was given, which means that there is basically a 12 month window in which gamers have to wait. According to Phillips, the reason behind the delay is because the developers of Infinity Blade: Dungeons, Impossible Studios, have many ideas for the game and keep adding on to them. There was also the issue of logistics and getting a new studio up and running, all of which contributed to the delay. Hopefully a release date will be given soon and hopefully gamers will still be interested then. I don’t know about you, but it looks like a game I wouldn’t mind getting even if I have to wait until next year.

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