Apple has been fairly secretive about its products. But a lot of details about iPhone 5 trickled out before the actual launch of the device and most of these details turned out to be quite true too. It appears that the same is the case with Apple’s iPad mini.

We don’t know yet if the device even exists but we have seen mock-up photos as well as reports about a launch event soon. Whether or not these speculations are true, we don’t know. Nonetheless, the Japanese Apple blog Macotakara has now come up with a video which shows a mock-up of iPad mini.

The mock-up confirms nearly all early leaks and rumors, pinning the display of the mini tablet at 7.85 inches. It also features speakers at the bottom and slimmer side bezels, tweaks which show that a slight departure has been from the design of the real iPad in creating this tinier version.

How real is the mini iPad shown in this video, we can’t say. But Macotakara does have a record of spelling out details about a number of Apple products in the past, details which proved to be quite true upon the launch of these devices. So although we will take this with a grain of salt, it seems that Apple is indeed going to enter the mini-tablet market with a 7.85-inch slate.

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