When the iPad mini 6 was launched last year, some users were reporting that the tablet suffered from a jelly-like scrolling effect. Apple later came forward and stated that this was a non-issue, suggesting that this is normal and that they would not be issuing any product recalls and that there was really nothing to fix.

Now it looks like Apple’s inaction has led to a class-action lawsuit being filed against the company. According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff is alleging that as a result of the jelly scrolling effect, “users have reported motion sickness, nausea, vomiting, and migraines when using the Device due to the Defect.”

The lawsuit also goes on to claim that Apple is aware of the “defect” and continues to sell the tablet in spite of it, and are not taking steps to fix it or amend marketing materials to reflect it. It goes as far as alleging that Apple is trying to conceal the issue and is ultimately accusing the Cupertino company of fraud as well as violating California’s competition requirements and false advertising laws.

Apple on their end had previously said that this effect is considered “normal behavior” when it comes to LCD screens. This is due to the way LCDs refresh and that any delay during the refresh could cause a jelly-like scrolling effect. Apple has been using LCDs in its products for years, whether it be the iPad, MacBooks, iMac, and the iPhone, but for some reason this effect is particularly noticeable on the iPad mini 6.

It is unclear how this lawsuit will end and if Apple plans to fight it or simply go for a settlement, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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