When Apple unveiled the refreshed and redesigned iPad mini 6, many were excited by it. It offered almost Pro-like features in a smaller and more portable and manageable package. However, things have quickly been souring when users started to report issues with the display like a jelly scrolling effect.

Now it seems that more display issues have surfaced with a post on Reddit where users are sharing other problems like discoloration and distortion. According to the post, “I got my 64gb Wi-Fi iPad Mini 6 just about a week ago and noticed that there seems to be an LCD clearance issue – if your put your mini in vertical orientation (with the power button on the top right) push very lightly on the screen and you will see distortion and discoloration about an inch down and in from the top right.”

That user replicated the issue in front of a Genius technician who then ordered a replacement unit for them, but it ended up having the same issue, if not worse. The user then suggests that this isn’t a problem with the display itself, but rather the manufacturing of the tablet which might have caused some clearance issues, possibly due to display ribbon cables not tucked properly and pushing up against the display.

Of course, not all users are experiencing this issue otherwise there would probably be a recall, but it’s disappointing that this is even happening in the first place. Thankfully, those who are affected seem to be able to get replacement units, so if you run into this issue on your iPad mini 6, then maybe take it back to the store where you might be able to exchange it for a new one.

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