In July this year, we were looking into the Kuratas mech robot which was literally a giant among men, standing tall at 3.8 meters and making sure even someone like the Undertaker would cower in fear when faced with this 5-ton behemoth. Back then, there was no word as to whether it is for sale or not, only given a vague release date of “sometime later this year.” Well, I guess when we talked about “sometime later this year”, that would have translated to right now. Suidobashi Heavy Industry, the company behind the Kuratas mech robot, has already put it up for those who want to are interested in picking it up, slapping a massive 100 million yen ( $1.25 million) price point on it.

Definitely out of reach for just about anyone else, but for those who do have the money to spare, it could very well be a merry Christmas this year. What would you do if you had $1.25 million to spare, would you splash it on something this extravagant? Parking it in the front yard would definitely ward off anyone who wants to wander about without any permission.

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