In the fast flurry of days and nights that life has become in our digital age, it is becoming increasingly hard to maintain a healthy enough lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires a significant amount of time so you could organize your life, sort out the foods you should have, devise an exercising schedule and know the right time of the day to do each of this.

Lark aims to make it all a lot easier by adding a dash of technology to it, all with the use of a simple bracelet. Named the ‘LarkLife Activity Band’, this bracelet is able to track your daily activities and give the right suggestions to turn your life around and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The bracelet coordinates with an iOS app to reveal its findings to you. For instance, it can track the time when you go to sleep and the amount of time it takes you to doze off, the number of steps you take and that whether you are walking or running at a given time.

When it comes to keeping track of your food habits, you will have to enter the information manually for the app to sort it out and tell you what foods are good for you. Based on the information it gathers by tracking your activities, the app will then give you ‘advice’ as to what you may do to improve your health. LarkLife is already available for pre-order from Lark’s website for a price of $150.

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