A number of recent innovations in the smartphone arena have been rather radical – and yet, they’ve garnered massive successes. A most recent example is that of Apple’s iPhone 5. Before the release of the device, many had criticized the new dimensions of the display, citing how it may turn out to be be a failure since it was a departure from the regular display dimensions.

As it turns out, the new iPhone is a massive success, setting a number of sales records. This success of iPhone 5 has also reaffirmed that any radical change, if it is to the taste of the consumers, has a chance of becoming a major success. Su Meixian has now released the concept design of a unique phone which packs a number of such radically new features.

Dual screens are nothing new and in the past, many vendors have tried to implement the idea into their handsets. However, what Meixian has proposed in his design of ‘M-Phone’ is a lot more unique. The phone packs a sleek display which features a fine metal band towards the bottom.

This metal band is, in effect, the dividing line between two displays. You can slide the band up or down and adjust the sizes of both the displays. For instance, if you wish to watch a movie or chat on Facebook, you can adjust the metal band so that the size of both displays is adequate for you. The idea is indeed novel and given the sheer need for multitasking for a common smartphone user these days, it may turn out to be quite handy in real.

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