You know what they say about Murphy’s Law – it strikes when you least expect it to, and the same can be said for Masahiro Sakurai whose claim to fame is as the creator of Kirby as well as being the director of the Nintendo 3DS-bound Kid Icarus: Uprising. The thing is, his PS3’s hard drive died on him, and it is not just a matter of a few bad sectors hanging around, but a “full crash” in Masahiro’s own words, followed by an epitaph, “The end. Goodbye, Planet Earth.”

The thing is, this is no vanilla PS3 but rather, his console was one of the original 2006 models that came with hardware-based backwards compatibility with titles from the PS1 and PS2. To put it in a nutshell, he lost all his data for three generations of the PlayStation console, which translates to approximately 18 years’ worth of data saved. No idea on the hundreds of hours that he spent playing all the different games across the PS1, PS2 and PS3. I guess this just goes to show that nothing is permanent in this life apart from death and taxes.

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