Just in case you were wondering what the heck Metaio Creator is all about, this has been touted to be the only commercially available desktop drag-and-drop content authoring software that has been specially optimized for all print media. Peter Meier, Metaio CTO, said, “Publishers and design professionals aren’t necessarily experts in Augmented Reality yet. The Creator makes it easy for them to not only launch an experience but also to scale their content – massively.”

Touted to be the most powerful Augmented Reality content production system available at this point in time Metaio Creator is said to be the perfect tool for publishers and designers who want to bridge the digital and real worlds while introducing content to their print media- magazines, t-shirts, posters, logos, business cards, catalogs. Requiring just a few clicks from being augmented, it allows one to create entire Augmented Reality campaigns with as minimal manpower as possible.

The Metaio Creator will deploys to the Cloud in addition to major mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. You can publish to the Junaio Augmented Reality Browser or a native app via the powerful Metaio SDK. [Press Release]

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