Gamers if you’re excited about the upcoming Halo 4, we expect that you might want to extend the game’s playability via DLCs which will introduce new maps. It seems that Microsoft has recently announced the Halo 4 DLC pass which will set players back an additional $25 on top of whatever they’re paying for the game. This will give players access to nine additional maps that are expected to be released between December 2012 to April 2013. However if you don’t think you’ll want to play all the maps, the map packs will be sold separately at $10 each, which means that if you end up buying all the maps, you would have spent more than $25. As an added incentive to purchase the DLC pass, Microsoft will also be giving away two in-gam helmets and an in-game emblem. Pegged for a release on the 6th November, Halo 4 will be an Xbox 360 exclusive and will mark the first Halo game that isn’t made by Bungie.

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