Removing a plaster or a bandage from a wound might be an uncomfortable, even painful, process for some. After all, it is inevitable that some bodily hair would remain stuck to the bandage due to its stickiness, and infants who have yet to develop the epidermis layer of their skin could be more than susceptible to injury from bandages. This has spurred researchers from MIT and Harvard Medical School to create a far more gentle bandage – and they managed to do so by including an intermediate layer of silicone which peels off the adhesive. Once that is removed, the glue which remains on the skin can be washed off, or if you hate baths, just let it pop off on its own.

Just what are some of the names that you could call the new bandages? How does Ouchless sound to you? All it needs now would be the right kind of marketing push, and I do not suppose should these bandages come with cute cartoon animal motifs on them, they would by far and large be a bestseller – assuming that the price is right, of course. Parents do not have an unlimited budget to work with – most of us, anyway.

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