We did talk about the Romo smartphone bot at the end of last year, and nearly a year later, it is time for an update, which is why Romotive, the company behind Romo has decided to make the latest version of Romo as a Kickstarter project. Not only that, they are teaming up with Neiman Marcus to feature Romo in their holiday catalog. Known as the new “Gen 3” Romo, it will definitely be faster than its predecessor, is stronger, as Romotive claims, “way more fun.” Only one way to find out – get the Gen 3 Romo should it roll off production lines and test it for ourselves.

Apart from the Gen 3 Romo coming in a redesigned form factor, Romotive decided to make it all the more easy to use. It will be as simple as plugging in your iPhone or iPod, and the Romotive app will install automatically. This will subsequently allow you to control Romo from virtually any iDevice, including the latest iPhone 5 (or perhaps the upcoming iPad mini which will be announced this October 23rd).

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