There is a fair number of Android-powered tablets in the market today that aim to go toe-to-toe against the Apple iPad (and we would presume, the iPad mini subsequently), and the Nexus 7 from Google (manufactured by Asus) is one of them. Well, it seems that since the Nexus 7 tablet went on sale on July 27th in the UK by Carphone Warehouse, it has become the best selling Android tablet in that part of the world to date. Of course, this does not mean that the Nexus 7 has outsold the iPad – far from it, but at least it outdid the Asus Transformer Prime and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, perhaps its £159 price tag has something to do with it as well.

Of course, there are other newer faces to the market such as Amazon’s latest Kindle Fire HD that will also retail for £159 a pop. Graham Stapleton, Chief Commercial Officer at Carphone Warehouse, said, “It’s impressive that this product is our biggest selling Android tablet, and it will be really interesting to see if other manufacturers will follow suit with smaller tablets over the coming months to spice up the Christmas period.” If you happen to live in the UK and are using an Android-powered tablet, just which model are you rocking to?

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