Panasonic has come up with a prototype of a dry head spa robot, where there might be possible plans down the road that could see this prototype robot attached to a desk or bath. It will rely on robot hand technology which was used previously in their hair washing robot. Panasonic described the prototype this way, “For kneading the scalp while the hair is dry, people use dry head spas. So, we’ve added a robot hand we’d already developed for washing hair, and developed this, as a model for seeing how such therapy might feel.”

Before you begin, you will need to adjust the head fitting, followed by recording your hairline position. Once done, the robot hand will go ahead and apply some slight pressure to recover a 3D scan of your head. There is an integrated 3D tracking mechanism which will allow the two dozen fingers to follow the shape of your head automatically, where the arms will expand and contract in order to reach the center of your scalp. Apart from providing a gentle, kneading motion to your scalp, this robot can also be used when you are seated on a massage chair for a full-body experience.

There are no happy endings with this one, as you cannot talk to a robot. Hey, some of us do prefer just peace and quiet, while others prefer to vent their stress through words.

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