For those who own an iOS device, chances are you might have played Doodle Jump at some point in time. If you have and you enjoy the game thoroughly, you might be interested to learn that Doodle Jump will be arriving at an arcade near you soon, assuming you live in the US. Obviously the game will differ from its mobile counterpart, so don’t expect to be tilting arcade cabinets any time soon! However given that the arcade version of Doodle Jump will be offered on a 42” HD display, we expect that this will introduce a whole new gaming experience, even for those who have played, or are still playing the game.

On a side-note, the developers of Doodle Jump, Lima Sky, have also revealed that they will be making plush toys and other collectibles based on the game. While Doodle Jump is undeniably a popular game on iOS, we’re not sure if it might have the same amount of clout that Angry Birds have for their plushies to be just as successful, but what do you guys think?

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