Most folks who drop by your garden at night or for an evening soiree will most probably be stumped at first when you offer them a place to sit down. After all, what greeted their eyes the first time around are definitely far from normal seats – we are referring to the Stump Seats, actually. These stools will showcase their best, literally, the less light there is around, thanks to the efforts and ideas by the folks over at Straight Line Design Inc.

Relying on pine wood to craft the main portion of each seat, Straight Line Design decided to make sure that colored resin which mimic the rings of a cut tree are reproduced at one end of the stump where you seat your ample bottom. Storing it away when not in use is a no-brainer, all you need to do is stack them up just like you would with a pile of logs, now how about that? You need not capture a bunch of fireflies and let them loose inside the Stump Seats, as fluorescent lamps are the ones that perform this job.

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