Given the sheer portability and mobility of data they offer, flash drives are very popular with most users. They are used to quickly share files, carry data from one place to another and even keep back-up copies of important documents. In other words, flash drives have become an essential accessory of users connected with the digital world.’

However, since usually flash drives are tiny in size, its often the case that you end up misplacing them or having forgotten them somewhere. While some may be lucky enough to retrieve a drive after such an incident, many are not. To provide a solution to this problem, Swarovski has come up with a crystal-clad bracelet which has a flash drive ’embedded’ in it.

The bracelet comes fitted with a flash drive. It comprises of a black strap and a nifty centerpiece which is made up of stainless steel. The centerpiece is studded with 10 different crystal, giving it a rather stylish look. Within these crystals is the flash drive, fairly safe and very well-hidden (in case you are on a secret espionage mission).

We are not sure how this flash drive can be connected to a computer, neither has the company divulged details on it. It is already available on Swarovski’s online store for a price tag of $175 which may be a lot for a 16GB flash storage. But then the bracelet complete with its rather beautiful crystals is a fashion icon in itself.

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